Saturday, 12 January 2013

MB 1/2

 I don't know much about the Moody Blues except that they were from Birmingham, were sponsored by the MB brewery (hence the name, I guess) and that ex-Wings lynchpin Denny Laine used to be in them ('tis he who sings on their rousing version of 'Go now', I believe). So this is a really pleasant surprise, I must say. When Philippe - my go to guy for Prog Rock LPs that will sit in the attic un-listened to for several years - gave me this he said, "this is literally everything by the Moody Blues that you will ever need to hear". I can't believe that to be true having finally gotten around to listening to this epic 4-sided sampler. As will become clear, I have a ridiculously short attention span - comes in quite handy at times, actually.... - so 4 sides of anything, no matter how agreeably hippy-fied and consciousness expanding (as this 1/4 slice of the compilation certainly is) is a step or three too far for me, not only in terms of listening, but also considering the time taken up with the extensive audio restoration work so often required when transferring from the original vinyl (cue patented Bruce Willis as John McClain in the Die Hard movies "uh-huh" you got the wrong answer to the question, Mo-fo type buzzer noise) As any fule no, vinyly is *heaps* better than what comes out of those squallid little 4 3/4 inch flattened silver plastic turds - a quick listen to this will hopefully prove that. If not, I'll just have to keep posting these little treasures up a side at a time until it sinks in.

OK, so this has been squidged down to the even more paltry Mpeg 3 format so that the rest of you humanoids can enjoy the beauty of it all. Obviously there will be scandalous amounts lost in the experience than you'd have had were you sat here next to me as I listened to it during the transfer - and I'm not just talking about my wondering hands and tastefully selected fetish wear....although they do add a considerable amount of pleasure to the listening experience in my lengthy experience. I'm sure you'll still agree that this sounds mighty awesome even shrunk down to the pathetic arrangement of 1s and 0s that the modern listener seems to have brainwashed into considering the norm. So enjoy, this is one of the nicest slabs I've had the pleasure of spinning...

This is the Moody Blues - side one [320 mbps MP3]

1. Question
2. The Actor
3. The Word
4. Eyes of a Child
5. Dear Diary
6. Legend of a Mind

p.s. as this is the first time I've used Audacity, you may find that the MP3 loads into your preferred music player with the incorrect artist/song/album details. Mea culpa - I trust however that my highly intelligent readers/listeners will pretty soon realise that they're not listening to 'Thank you girl' by the Beatles, so I've left the error uncorrected for the time being. My copious apologies...


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  1. ..and whose fault's THAT
    if you wind-up in the
    Abyss o'Misery, dear?